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Foam Bitumen & Pavement Technologies - Values


Foam Bitumen & Pavement Technologies considers the safety of their workers and people that may be impacted by our activities our highest priority. FBPT invests significantly in maintaining safety standards that meet or surpass our industry regulations. Providing for the road construction industry, we consider safety of practice our greatest challenge. We understand the dangers and risks associated with the work we carry out and have stringent measures in places to mitigate the likelihood of any incidents. We promote a Zero Harm culture throughout the group and ensure all employees and contractors live by our Golden Rules of Safety


Foam Bitumen & Pavement Technologies is proud of its reputation to consistently provide a service that exceeds our competitors in quality. This commitment is evident in every aspect of the service we provide, from our workmanship, customer service, the attention to detail of our tests, the leadership of our management and the time we dedicate as a company to each individual client and project. We allocate project specific supervisors to promote our one on one service which all plays a part in ensuring a high standard of quality is maintained by FBPT.

We believe in treating every client with the same high standard of quality service, despite the size of the job. This quality starts with the client's initial contact with the company, continues through the stages of the project, and into post project feedback and analysis. We encourage our clients to review the different stages of service and provide us with feedback in order to help us maintain this high standard of quality in our work.


The environmental impact of the work we do is continually reassessed. We understand that we must continue to implement more sustainable practices and products. Our equipment we purchase, the consumables we use, and the way we go about our work, are all evaluated as to minimise our impact and where possible improve the environment in which we all live.


As well as international charities, FBPT sponsor several local sporting teams, clubs, charities and social support groups, and we are pleased to support disabled and high support needs people in the Toowoomba region.

FBPT believes in giving back to the community, and are always open to suggestions for any worthy and commendable cause. Please contact mark@fbpt.com.au