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Managing Director

Mark Jackman is born and raised in Queensland and fully understands the needs of road contractors working in the Queensland and Australian market place. He is the founder of Foam Bitumen & Pavement Technologies. Mark has worked in the civil construction and construction materials testing industry for over 20 years on multiple projects and in varying roles. It is in these roles that Mark realised an opportunity to provide a customer focused private testing service to the Queensland road construction industry focusing on foam stabilised bitumen and heavy duty granular pavements.

Starting his career as a soil tester on the Pacific Motorway upgrade between Logan and the Gold Coast, he realised the important role that pavements play in road construction and the importance of assuring newly constructed roads and highways. From these beginnings he went into the field of asphalt pavements and asphalt mix designs before again finding his way back to pavement materials assurance and foam bitumen stabilisation. It was during this time that he identified the need for a testing service and consultancy that could understand foam bitumen stabilisation and road pavements and work with contractors to ensure all road projects in Queensland were receiving optimal quality and service from a company that understands the dynamic needs of the industry. 

Mark has a vision for Foam Bitumen & Pavement Technologies. To provide a service to the road construction industry that has long been overlooked. He believes strongly in customer service and will go out of his way to make sure that the quality, safety, environmental and time constraints on all road projects are being met by his company. Mark empowers many of the best industry professionals at Foam Bitumen & Pavement Technologies, and firmly believes it is their skill and expertise and the level of service that he demands that create the success and backbone of FBPT.