who are foam bitumen & pavement technologies

Foam Bitumen & Pavement Technologies - Future Direction

Company History

Foam Bitumen & Pavement Technologies was founded in 2017 to meet the growing needs of the Queensland and Australian civil construction industry. A need to have an expert company provide expert advice and services in the field of foam bitumen testing, foam bitumen stabilisation, pavement materials testing and asphalt performance testing, that is flexible and able to work with private industry has long been identified as crucial on major projects. 

Foam Bitumen & Pavement Technologies founders alone have over 20 years of pavement and stabilisation experience in the geotechnical testing field. This experience includes foam bitumen testing, pavements testing and asphalt mix performance testing. Foam Bitumen & Pavement Technologies has implemented a careful selection process of its employees, with staff being chosen on the basis of customer service, expertise, experience & excellence. 


Our staff at Foam Bitumen & Pavement Technologies use creative & lateral thinking to provide testing & consulting services in the most efficient way possible, resulting in a more cost-effective services for clients. 


At Foam Bitumen & Pavement Technologies we believe in creating effective & innovative techniques to save our clients valuable time & produce results in a rapid manner without being detrimental to quality.


No rework. This is what we believe in and we strive to ensure that our clients achieve the same goal as us. Through our quality management system we identify oppurtunities and risks and present them to our clients to ensure that quality is achieved by all parties.


We believe in working closely together with local businesses to ensure fast and accurate results to our clients.

Foam Bitumen & Pavement Technologies works closely with Quality Control Testing Services . This combined experience ensures your project is done right the first time.

We also work with other testing services and government departments to achieve the best results for our clients.

Our Future

Foam Bitumen & Pavement Technologies has a clear future with the demand for foam stabilised bitumen pavements increasing in Queensland and Australia. We believe in continuous improvement and identify current construction trends to stay ahead of the ever changing specifications to deliver our clients the correct specification and testing information in advance.