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At Foam Bitumen & Pavement Technologies we put the client first. Our team is dynamic and versatile ensuring that project specific requirements are exceeded in a timely manner and to the highest quality whilst maintaining our high safety standards. We are the foam bitumen testing specialists and utilise our own soil testing labs to ensure your foamed bitumen stabilisation project performs as designed


Foam Bitumen & Pavement Technologies is a leading company in the investigation, mix design and quality control testing of insitu and plant mixed foam bitumen stabilised pavements. We provide a large range of consulting and testing services to both government and private industries in the delivery of both small and large scale projects. We also offer a range of specialised testing services for unbound and cement treated pavements as well as performance based test for the asphalt industry.


Our services are offered Australia wide and internationally across a range of different test methods and specifications. No project all location is too difficult for Foam Bitumen & Pavement Technologies.

Our Services

Foam Bitumen Testing

Foam Bitumen

We offer a range of testing services and expert advice to ensure your product meets the intended specification. 

Pavement Testing

Granular Pavements

Specialised and standard testing services are available to assure your projects bound and unbound pavements.

Asphalt Testing

Asphalt Performance

Our knowledge and expertise with asphalt can help you to assure your mix designs meet performance criteria.

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